Hypnosis is, quite simply bypassing the critical factor (your analytical mind) in order to access your unconscious mind which is the seat of all behavioral change. You can improve your sports performance, the quality of your relationships and achieve excellent health.

Did you know?

Hypnosis has been around for centuries and has helped people take charge of their own inner healing processes on a deep level. One of the common misconceptions about hypnosis is that we will lose control while we are being hypnotized. You actually have more control when you are hypnotized. You are actually able to tap into deeper levels of relaxation that keep you healthy and contribute to longevity. Hypnosis is popular for weight loss, peak performance, getting rid of fear and phobia and also for smoking cessation. There is no doubt that the ability to deeply relax enhances sports performance before or after an event so the possibilities are endless here.

In regards to the brain cycles that we consider during hypnosis, an Electro-Encephalo-Graph (EEG) can discern four distinct levels:

  1. Waking Hypnosis Beta 14-21 (Cycles per second): the awake, alert and cognitive state.
  2. Light State: Alpha 7-14 CPS: Awake and relaxed; daydreaming and considered a light hypnotic state.
  3. Deeper:  4-7 CPS: Light sleep, dreaming and a deeper hypnotic state.
  4. Deepest:  0.5-4 CPS: Deep sleep and a deep hypnotic state.

During the day we may drift naturally between the Beta and Alpha states in cycles. When we are daydreaming, we are in the Alpha state. When we are in deep meditation or prayer we may also be in an Alpha state. The Alpha state is a light hypnotic state referred to as a “light trance state.” Most hypnotic sessions occur in a light to medium level of depth. In the hypnotic state, the mind temporarily suspends the analysis of sensory input. The mind becomes more open and receptive to suggestions than in the Beta state. Here you can find it easier to accept the suggestions of a healthier diet, a younger body and a positive outlook on life. When you work with a professional hypnotist who is trained and certified, you can transform your ideas about health and peak performance in a short period of time!

"Live Your best Life!"

Hypnosis for Relationship Coaching

Health Benefits:

  • Stress Relief
  • Greater Focus and Concentration
  • Sleep Better
  • Add Healthy Habits with Ease
  • Exercise More and Stay Consistent
  • Energize your Health
  • Improve your Relationships
  • Improve Sports Performance
  • Tap into Creative Resource to Speak Publicly and Perform with Ease and Grace

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