Health & Wellness

These days our health seems to be compromised on so many levels in order to “get ahead.” Well, we can reframe that, “To get a head focus on your health and the rest will follow.” Health truly is wealth in that it is the gift that keeps giving.

One thing is certain, if you let your health go for a job or a person, you are giving away a precious gift. That gift needs to be both respected and honored. Yogic and martial arts techniques are incorporated into Susan Coaching. These are ancient healing techniques that are timeless and applicable now more than ever for optimum health and peak performance. Learn stretches that you can do for a couple of minutes during the workday while in your cubicle or in the gym. Learn the basic components of a “mini yoga class” that can be done while traveling or for 15 minutes or 25 minutes every day. Please click here to sign up for our membership site and receive lots of content on how yoga postures and the mini-classes work on the systems of the body. Also, incorporate the “15 Minute Complete Yoga Workout” or the “25 MInute Complete Yoga Workout” into your daily routine and you truly will be practicing yoga more than most busy yogis.

Susan Coach  also utilizes martial arts techniques that are based in Kung-fu that allow you to generate energy on the fly> You’ll also learn how to stand confidently and conserve “chi” or “ki.” We all know that this ancient martial art can allow you to express yourself confidently intense situations but how does it work? What are some of the hidden gems that you can apply to sports, basic self-defense and everyday life?  It is all about fluidity as opposed to rigidity and the more fluid you become, the easier it is to maneuver life’s challenges. The philosophy behind martial arts is very peaceful in a powerful way. We use martial arts metaphors in public speaking to enhance client engagement as well. Learn how to do this on our membership site.

Yoga & Fitness

Yoga is another ancient form of exercise that allows your body and mind to become more flexible and strong; more creative and fluid; and more spiritual and grounded no matter what is happening around you. Yoga postures also work on the neurological system and  the endocrine systems of the body to create lasting health and strength. Learn more…


Ayurveda is the ancient Indian art of having excellent nutrition at the cellular level in your body. You learn about your own constitution and how to prepare satisfying meals with the right spices, herbs, vegetables and grains to enable you to achieve a deeper level of health and vitality. Learn more…


Hypnosis has been around for thousands of years and is an incredibly powerful way to stay healthy and balanced in turbulent times. You can take charge of your health and your confidence by exploring the multi-faceted benefits of hypnosis. Learn more…

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

I teach “Practical NLP” or “Everyday NLP” principles that you can use in your everyday life to succeed with clients, attract more clients, create more meaningful relationships and to understand how people think and process their reality. Learn more…

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