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“Health is Wealth!”

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Live to Your Full Potential

Have you ever felt that mediocrity has become the norm when it comes to human potential? Sometimes it is just safer to fit in and be one of the crowd instead of truly living life on your own terms and writing the script for who you want to be.

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Energize Your Health!

Learn how to integrate immune boosting foods and herbs into your current “on the go” diet. Sometimes simple tweaks are all it takes to turn your health and wellness around. Join us on FB and Instagram live to see how you can hydrate, energize and exercise your way back to lasting health and youthfulness.

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Health is Wealth!

Every day there is a new disease or condition that we become afraid of. People are afraid to age, to get the flu, to get fibromyalgia and anxiety, etc. What if we can unlock ancient yogic secrets for health and vitality and create health and vitality. How good are you allowing yourself to feel?

About Susan

Susan Holman is an NLP trainer, yoga teacher, fitness enthusiast and consulting hypnotist. She is also an animal lover and advocate for world peace. Her clients have gone on to become successful in all areas of their lives and have become healthier in the process.

The Holistic Approach

Mind-Body Techniques

Access resources in our support groups and learn how to adjust your mindset to shifting times to create better health, relationships and business success.


Hypnosis has been around for thousands of years and is an incredibly powerful way to stay healthy and balanced in turbulent times. You can take charge of your health and your confidence by exploring the multi-faceted benefits of hypnosis. Learn more…

Achieve Glowing Health the Natural Way

Learn natural wisdom techniques to strengthen the 2 main Pillars of Health: Digestion and Absorption of Nutrients. This is an integral key in adding natural grains, herbs, spices and essential oils to your daily routine. Life can be better in a moment’s notice when you realize that you are creating better health and wellness with the foods you eat, the way you cook, the herbs that you add and the sleep and fitness habits that you include in your daily routine.

Cardio, Strength Training and Stretching

We live in transformational times. The world that we know is changing and we need to be in our best physical shape. Cardiovascular exercise is key to having more energy and better health. Strengthening the upper body and the core is more important now more than ever. Intelligent simple to do stretches can keep you from getting sore and will help you to lengthen your muscles. Learn how to incorporate the best exercises into your daily routine that match your energy and fitness level.

Hypnosis for Better Relationships

Learn how to communicate better with your partner, in your business and with yourself. Relationships are an integral part of life including your relationship with food and weight loss the smart way. In order for you to be at your best you need to feel good from the inside out.

Values coaching for couples and individuals will allow you to tune into your partner’s needs and communicate style in order to have lasting relationship success. A hypnosis session for your relationship will empower and uplift you in relationship growth.

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In “The Seven Keys to Spiritual Success” you will learn seven concepts that you can apply to your life right away for financial success and attracting abundance.

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