5 02, 2019

NLP For Coaches

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When most people think of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) they either think you are speaking a foreign technical language or, they think of Tony Robbins (who popularized a version of it). Few people realize that it is a state of the art communication model that has been around for decades. Even fewer people realize the actual “NLP techniques” that make up this sophisticated communication model. I would also bet that most people don’t even realize that it is being used every day before their eyes in both the media and in politics. What if you could learn and apply just 15 of the 30 techniques that you learn at the Practitioner NLP Level in your communications with clients and loved ones? What if you learned [...]

5 02, 2019

Finding Your True Voice

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Create a Voice that Exudes Your Spirit Eliminate Fears That May be Holding You Back Become an Effective Public Speaker Tune Into Your Resonance Speak with Conviction Let Go of the Past The Relationship Between Time and Your True Voice These days it can be hard to be heard. When you speak you may be missing opportunities to be in the here now and to fully express yourself. You may even have a clear message but may be missing opportunities to connect with clients and colleagues because of subtleties within the voice that you may not notice. There are many aspects to finding your true voice including vocal nuances and a deep connection with your underlying self and sense of purpose. This guidebook is [...]

22 05, 2018

Energizing Health Habits with Ayurveda

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What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda is the science of life. Ayurveda or the Veda of life is the world’s oldest health science originating in India over five thousand years ago. The written source of this knowledge is the Vedas or ancient Sanskrit texts. Ayurveda is a science, which teaches us how to adapt nature’s rhythm into our daily lives. Literally the word “Ayur” means span of life and “Veda” means knowledge.  Ayurveda is recognized as a medical science in India as it is formally organized into eight sections or branches called Astanga (“eight limbs”) of Ayurveda. All the original texts were written in Sanskrit and they formed the basis for different schools and traditions that evolved over the ensuing centuries.  How Can it Help You [...]

16 05, 2018

Hypnosis and Health

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Hypnosis is, quite simply bypassing the critical factor (your analytical mind) in order to access your unconscious mind which is the seat of all behavioral change. You can improve your sports performance, the quality of your relationships and achieve excellent health. Did you know? Hypnosis has been around for centuries and has helped people take charge of their own inner healing processes on a deep level. One of the common misconceptions about hypnosis is that we will lose control while we are being hypnotized. You actually have more control when you are hypnotized. You are actually able to tap into deeper levels of relaxation that keep you healthy and contribute to longevity. Hypnosis is popular for weight loss, peak performance, getting rid of fear [...]

16 01, 2018

The Art of Breathing

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These days health professionals are finding they need to remind their clients how to breathe again, as though it were a lost art. How could we have forgotten how to do something so essential to life you may ask? Have you ever seen a baby with tight shoulders? Of course not. A normal healthy baby has freedom of movement and breathes naturally. So where have we lost the breath connection along the way? As we have become  "too busy" our minds have started to "over think" and we have found ourselves in our heads most of the time. Hypnotists refer to this as being too much in our "conscious minds" or being in an overly "analytical" state. At Susan Coach, we aim for conscious/unconscious integration [...]

4 01, 2018

Coaching for Health and Longevity

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These days we may be "busier" than ever before, juggling home, family and work life. Many coaching clients wonder why they may be burnt out and exhausted. Is there something wrong with them? Are they not as "youthful" as they used to be? Do they need to see the doctor? Sometimes you just have to stop and take note of you! Yes, you! Are your really taking care of your health the way you can be? What are you eating? Are you getting enough exercise? Simple enough questions to answer, you might say, but so often clients are saying they don't have time,  are too stressed to take care of themselves and, the list goes on. Oftentimes this leads to a pattern that repeats itself so [...]


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