Live Your Best Life!

Research has shown that we humans perform at a fraction of our full potential. How can that be? There are many contributing factors including overwhelm, overstimulation of the senses by media bombardment and a lack of inner connection with what truly matters to us.

What is true focus and congruency in our outer manifestation and our inner reality? How do we connect the dots with “walking the talk”? Through values coaching, you are able to get clarity with concepts that seldom get touched upon in regular therapeutic methods. This allows you to connect to your highest purpose in a specific, measurable and meaningful way. Through values coaching you can achieve levels of freedom, self-expression, and power in your life.

You may ask “Why weren’t we taught values coaching in high school and college? Why wasn’t this type of knowledge an integral part of business school? How can we apply our business lives to a higher purpose in a meaningful way that allows us to give back to society while living the life we truly want to create?”  Modern times demand modern solutions and values coaching allows you to go much deeper into eliminating the obstacles that get in the way of creating your dream life. One constant missing component appears to be congruency. If people are not feeling comfortable around you, something is missing. If you are achieving incredible things and not emotionally accessible, something is missing. What is that something? Come learn and “play’ with us as the coaching allows you to release subtle (and not so subtle) energetic blocks in your life.

Who Can Benefit?

Who can benefit from releasing energetic blocks and achieving more congruency in their lives through Susan Coach methods? Entrepreneurs can learn how to achieve consistency in their interaction with the public, conveyance of their message and how to hire people who are aligned with their vision. Parents can communicate and understand their kids more fully. Women and men who want to lose weight and become healthier along the way will benefit from hypnosis and Ayurvedic nutritional counseling. Solo-preneurs, CEOS, stay at home moms,  athletes and performing artists alike have touted the benefits of integrative coaching that comprises these techniques.

Yoga & Fitness

Yoga is another ancient form of exercise that allows your body and mind to become more flexible and strong; more creative and fluid; and more spiritual and grounded no matter what is happening around you. Yoga postures also work on the neurological system and  the endocrine systems of the body to create lasting health and strength. Learn more…


Ayurveda is the ancient Indian art of having excellent nutrition at the cellular level in your body. You learn about your own constitution and how to prepare satisfying meals with the right spices, herbs, vegetables and grains to enable you to achieve a deeper level of health and vitality. Learn more…


Hypnosis has been around for thousands of years and is an incredibly powerful way to stay healthy and balanced in turbulent times. You can take charge of your health and your confidence by exploring the multi-faceted benefits of hypnosis. Learn more…

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

I teach “Practical NLP” or “Everyday NLP” principles that you can use in your everyday life to succeed with clients, attract more clients, create more meaningful relationships and to understand how people think and process their reality. Learn more…

What are you not doing now that had you known previously could have saved you years of hard work? Can there be more? Can life be better?

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