The basic definition of “hypnosis” is “the process of active imagination that allows you to bypass the critical factor (analytical mind) in order to achieve what you want and get rid of what you don’t want in life.There are various levels of depth or states in hypnosis that include Alpha, Beta, Theta, Gamma, and Delta. They all vibrate at different frequencies and are used in different contexts in order to facilitate behavioral change at the unconscious level. A person “in hypnosis” has more control than not being in a hypnotic state. Clients experience profound levels of deep relaxation and self-awareness which allows them to feel more confident, healthy and in control of their environment.

Hypnosis helps clients break bad habits and to have the confidence to create healthier alternatives that are empowering. Hypnosis is very effective for weight loss, smoking cessation, fears, phobias, confidence building, fear of public speaking, fear of success and anxiety. Clients learn the tools to unlock their body’s deep ability to heal itself through their unconscious mind. Come explore some of these hypnotic techniques on the membership site. The truth is hypnosis has been around since antiquity and was used as a powerful natural way to heal the body. All clients are taught self-hypnosis as well so that they can practice some techniques at home.