Perform at Your Very Best

How do we show up every day at our best? How do we give 110% on a daily basis and still restore our energy so that we can keep creating and manifesting excellence in our lives? Is our mind in sync with our body? What can we do to achieve a balance here? Is there meaning in my work life and do I feel fulfilled doing it? If not, how can I achieve that? What is missing, not just on the surface, but on a deeper level that I may not be aware of yet?

These are all questions that come up in the coaching and group class process. They are becoming more and more common and the norm appears to be that we need to “fit in” to give an illusion of power, money, and status on the one hand, or that we need to comply with someone else’s vision for us. “Someone else’s vision” may be society at large, a corporation, our parents, our significant others, etc. Sometimes these are rooted on a deep level and the energy surrounded these ideas needs to be cleared from your psyche, body, and soul both consciously and unconsciously.

Kelly P. writes: “I had everything financially that a girl could want. I was CEO of a family owned business that has been successful for a couple generations now. I was in a successful marriage with a  loving family but I did not feel comfortable in my own skin. There was something missing that I would have never identified without this coaching. Right away I started to feel lighter and more focused. Then as I felt more comfortable in expressing myself in both my business and personal life, I was able to write that book that I always wanted to do. I also became much healthier and more relaxed. The techniques have helped me so much.”

Yoga & Fitness

Yoga is another ancient form of exercise that allows your body and mind to become more flexible and strong; more creative and fluid; and more spiritual and grounded no matter what is happening around you. Yoga postures also work on the neurological system and  the endocrine systems of the body to create lasting health and strength. Learn more…


Ayurveda is the ancient Indian art of having excellent nutrition at the cellular level in your body. You learn about your own constitution and how to prepare satisfying meals with the right spices, herbs, vegetables and grains to enable you to achieve a deeper level of health and vitality. Learn more…


Hypnosis has been around for thousands of years and is an incredibly powerful way to stay healthy and balanced in turbulent times. You can take charge of your health and your confidence by exploring the multi-faceted benefits of hypnosis. Learn more…

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

I teach “Practical NLP” or “Everyday NLP” principles that you can use in your everyday life to succeed with clients, attract more clients, create more meaningful relationships and to understand how people think and process their reality. Learn more…

Do you feel like you’re on the brink of something amazing, but you just can’t reach it? Are you working with a coach or a mentor that you never seem to be good enough for?

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