NLP For Coaches

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When most people think of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) they either think you are speaking a foreign technical language or, they think of Tony Robbins (who popularized a version of it). Few people realize that it is a state of the art communication model that has been around for decades. Even fewer people realize the actual “NLP techniques” that make up this sophisticated communication model. I would also bet that most people don’t even realize that it is being used every day before their eyes in both the media and in politics. What if you could learn and apply just 15 of the 30 techniques that you learn at the Practitioner NLP Level in your communications with clients and loved ones? What if you learned [...]

Finding Your True Voice

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Create a Voice that Exudes Your Spirit Eliminate Fears That May be Holding You Back Become an Effective Public Speaker Tune Into Your Resonance Speak with Conviction Let Go of the Past The Relationship Between Time and Your True Voice These days it can be hard to be heard. When you speak you may be missing opportunities to be in the here now and to fully express yourself. You may even have a clear message but may be missing opportunities to connect with clients and colleagues because of subtleties within the voice that you may not notice. There are many aspects to finding your true voice including vocal nuances and a deep connection with your underlying self and sense of purpose. This guidebook is [...]


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