These days health professionals are finding they need to remind their clients how to breathe again, as though it were a lost art. How could we have forgotten how to do something so essential to life you may ask? Have you ever seen a baby with tight shoulders? Of course not. A normal healthy baby has freedom of movement and breathes naturally. So where have we lost the breath connection along the way? As we have become  “too busy” our minds have started to “over think” and we have found ourselves in our heads most of the time. Hypnotists refer to this as being too much in our “conscious minds” or being in an overly “analytical” state. At Susan Coach, we aim for conscious/unconscious integration in our client’s lives. This happens when we eliminate the root cause of negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are still hidden at the unconscious level.

The “Art of Breathing” becomes the very first stage in learning self-hypnosis. It can balance the body/mind connection in yoga and any other physical art. In fact, the yogis have referred to meditation and breathing exercises or “pranayama“, as the key to mastering the physical postures of yoga. How wonderful! What if you could connect the inner yogi with the outer yogi? The inner yogic state is where real transformation takes place in any yogic practice. In his book “Light on Pranayama: The Yogic Art of Breathing”, B.K.S. Iyengar writes: “The practice of “pranayama” increases the “sadhaka’s” lung capacity and allows the lungs to achieve  optimum ventilation.” This is only one of many benefits that “pranayama” or breathing exercises can give to the practitioner. In order to make these exercises a part of your everyday life, you will need to start practicing them “a little” instead of making the exercises a large project.

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