Yoga classes are very much in vogue and clients are discovering the health benefits on a deep level. Although there are many varieties of yoga available, we make sure that our private yoga classes and tutorials include the following: giving thanks to the master teacher teachers before class, pranyama (breathing exercises), sun salutation, forward bends, hamstring and psoas stretches, headstand and/or dolphin practice, crow,  shoulder stand, plough, fish pose, cobra, locust and bow, spinal twists, standing and seated side-bends, balancing postures and final relaxation.

We have been able to condense these components to short classes that you can practice in the office or before work. You can do the “15 minute Yoga Workout” or the “25 minute Yoga Workout” which are designed for the busy professional and still keep the core components of an integrated yoga practice. When you are able to practice “a little”every day, you will find that you are doing more than most yoga students in incorporating it into your daily life. It also makes it easier to add classes and build up to an expanded practice. All the teachings are presented in a way which makes it easy to do no matter how busy your work or travel plans are.