Ayurveda is the ancient Indian art of holistic nutrition that has a deep and lasting effect on the body on both a cellular and a spiritual level. Through a consultation in Ayurveda, we discover your constitution and how to eat for that constitution that allows your body to digest and absorbs food and nutrients efficiently at the cellular level. Ayurveda uses plants, herbs, spices, grains, oils and knowledge to help you transform and heal your body. On the cellular level (in literally every cell of your body) is the blueprint of your constitution. When you create meals and habits that nourish your constitution, you can experience levels of self healing and peak performance that can be game changers in this game of life. These days so many foods are processed and packaged with no awareness of digestion and absorption.

Come explore the health benefits of Ayurvedic meals and nutritional ideas. Learn how put together simple meals that contain anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Just adding a few of these antioxidant gems into your daily cooking and diet can help you body to stay healthy year round. Also learn how to put together some Ayurvedic hair oils and facial cleansers and creams that nourish the skin and the hair. Explore recipes on our membership site as well. Ayurveda is a field that is only growing in popularity as we become more health conscious and naturalist in our thinking.