These days we may be “busier” than ever before, juggling home, family and work life. Many coaching clients wonder why they may be burnt out and exhausted. Is there something wrong with them? Are they not as “youthful” as they used to be? Do they need to see the doctor? Sometimes you just have to stop and take note of you! Yes, you! Are your really taking care of your health the way you can be? What are you eating? Are you getting enough exercise?

Simple enough questions to answer, you might say, but so often clients are saying they don’t have time,  are too stressed to take care of themselves and, the list goes on. Oftentimes this leads to a pattern that repeats itself so often that it becomes a way of life. Let’s slow down for a moment… What if you could still keep your active life and have more energy and vitality? Would that be of value to you? You bet.

These days it is all about antioxidant nutrition and anti-inflammatory foods. These need to be on your weekly shopping list with only the freshest of ingredients. Part of the overwhelm that clients feel comes also from not knowing where to get truly “clean food.” We have some time-saving recipes and resources for you so please stay tuned for our “Super Nutrish” recipes coming your way. The time involved to make an “anti-inflammatory smoothie”?

T-minus 10 minutes Houston. Get ready for a true health blast off!